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april 2014digital doodle


april 2014
digital doodle

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It’s nice to hear you’re
having a good time
But it still hurts ‘cos you used to be mine
This doesn’t mean that I possessed you
You’re haunting me because I let you

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Christian Piper, from Playboy, 1973


Christian Piper, from Playboy, 1973

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More Players & Posers by Chris Labrooy

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Alchimia, Nirvana, 1983


Alchimia, Nirvana, 1983

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The s/m concept of “vanilla” sex is sex devoid of passion. They are saying that there can be no passion without unequal power. That feels very sad and lonely to me, and destructive. The linkage of passion to dominance/subordination is the prototype of the heterosexual image of male-female relationships, one which justifies pornography. Women are supposed to love being brutalized. This is also the prototypical justification of all relationships of oppression—that the subordinate one who is “different” enjoys the inferior position.A Burst of Light: Essays by Audre Lorde (via cosmicspread) + 3984 Notes

this computer has seen so many cats

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